I. The Objectives of the Salisbury Free Library shall be

A. To operate this Library in accordance with the New Hampshire Library Laws and to strive to meet the current standards set by the American Library Association (ALA) and the New Hampshire State Library Development System for public libraries in towns of equal population.

B. To adhere to the ALA Library Bill of Rights and “Freedom to Read” statement. See Appendix for these documents.

C. To seek to identify community needs and to assemble, preserve, administer and organize books and related materials in order to promote and stimulate knowledge, wisdom, enjoyment and continuous self-education for all residents.

D. To attempt to assume a leadership role in the community’s informational needs, providing reliable information as a free service to every resident seeking information.

E. To cooperate with the local and district school libraries and other libraries in the State Development System to strengthen its own services and resources and, in turn, the library system.

F. The Library will be accessible to the handicapped.

Adopted by the Salisbury Free Library Board of Trustees, February 1999.

Amended February 2013.