VII. Personnel

A. The Trustees are responsible for obtaining competent personnel needed for the efficient and satisfactory operation of the library program(s).

B. All employees will serve a probationary period of a minimum of 3 months but no longer than one year. During this period the employee may be discharged if his/her performance is unsatisfactory, based on periodic written evaluations. The Trustees reserve the right to review the performance of library staff on an annual basis, effective one year from the date of hiring. This review is to be in writing. (See Appendix C for evaluation criteria.)

C. It is the Trustees’ responsibility to establish regulations detailing working hours, wages, compensatory time, training, etc. The staff will be paid for holidays if it is a regular workday. In the event the library is closed by the Librarian and/or Trustees for occasions approved by the Trustees, the staff will be paid as usual.

D. The Librarian is responsible for recommending needed policies for Trustee action, administering the Library and carrying out the policies approved by the Trustees. The Librarian should have a library degree or a certificate from the State library Techniques Program.

E. The Librarian also:

1. Suggests and executes improvements for library service.
2. Knows the resources available at the State Library and other libraries throughout the system and how to make efficient use of them.
3. Prepares agendas and monthly reports for the Trustees, attends all Trustee meetings except when the position, salary or performance evaluation is being discussed.
4. Organizes programs in cooperation with the Trustees and the community.
5. Attends as many professional meetings, workshops and seminars as feasible: expenses, including NH Library Association membership, to be included in the annual budget.
6. Knowledgeably selects books and materials appropriate to the needs of the community.
7. Supervises additional staff, including substitutes and volunteers and in most cases acts as Trustee/Library liaison.
8.  Maintains budget procedures as outlined by the Treasurer of the Board.
9. Is responsible for the efficient day to day operation of the library including hiring substitutes, informing a Trustee and updating the calendar with any changes in personnel.
10. Maintains ongoing public relations program for the library.
11. Makes every effort to carry out the objectives of the Salisbury Free Library.
12. Assumes other responsibilities as deemed appropriate by the Trustees.

F. Salary
The Librarian shall be paid no less than minimum wage salary to be adequately provided for in the budget, on an annual basis following a satisfactory performance evaluation and at other times at the discretion of the Trustees.

G. Work Week
The Library will be open an appropriate number of hours to meet the State Library accreditation standards. The Librarian will be paid for those hours and up to three (3) additional hours per week for programs, seminars, meetings or additional library work when indicated. Any employee working continuously for four or more hours will be entitled to a fifteen (15) minute break for every four hours.

H. Vacation Policy

1. After one year of employment, employees will be given one week’s paid vacation. “One week” shall equal the number of hours usually worked in a week by that employee and shall not include any Saturday hours.
2. Every effort should be made to inform the director or Trustees of intent to take vacation at least two weeks ahead of requested time off.
3. Employees shall enter their time on their time sheets as usual with the designation “(vacation)” after the hours worked.

I. Discharge and Resignation

J. Employees will be terminated under the provisions of RSA 202: A-17. Employees wishing to terminate employment must give two weeks written notice to the Chairman of the Trustees.

Revised and adopted by Library Trustees on 8/13/13. Revised February 2013. Revised 1/18/1996.