Selection of Materials

IV. Selection of Materials

A. It is the responsibility of the Librarian to select the materials that are offered in the library. The materials will include books, audio books, videos, reference books, software, electronic databases and other items as deemed appropriate by library standards.

B. Selection of materials is based upon the community’s current needs and anticipated future use. Using recognized selection tools such as Library Journal, Booklist, et al, the Librarian will see that the collection contains reference, informational and recreational materials in a variety of media.

C. The Library will strive to cooperate with the schools and other institutional libraries with regard to the selection of materials.

D. The Salisbury Free Library supports the American Library Association’s “Freedom to Read” and “Library Bill of Rights” policies. Materials will be chosen following these policy standards.

E. Donated, self-published works that have not been reviewed by recognized selection tools such as Library Journal, Booklist, et al, will be added to the collection at the discretion of the director and inclusion of a work in the collection does not denote endorsement by the library, its staff or its Board.

F. Should a patron object to any of the Library’s collection he/she can complete a “Request for Reconsideration of Library Materials” form. See Appendix for this document. The librarian will review the request before taking it to the Library Board of Trustees. The Board may confer with the New Hampshire State Library and the ALA before rendering a final decision.

G. The Librarian will withdraw items from circulation following accepted professional practices by utilizing the CREW and MUSTIE techniques.

1. CREW calls for Continuous Review, Evaluation and Weeding.
2. MUSTIE establishes guidelines for weeding materials that are Misleading, Unattractive, Superseded, Trivial, Irrelevant or, through interlibrary loan, the library can get it Elsewhere.

H. Staff will keep a schedule that will ensure each part of the collection is regularly reviewed and maintained.

I. Materials removed from circulation may be placed in storage, donated to another institution, sold at a book sale or discarded.

J. The Librarian is authorized to accept books and other circulation materials only if there are no conditions attached and to dispose of those gifts when appropriate.

K. Special materials for those with special needs will be provided to the extent resources are available.

Adopted by the Salisbury Free Library Board of Trustees, February 1999.

Amended July 2011. Amended February 2013. Amended April 2016.