The Board of Library Trustees

II. The Board of Library Trustees

A. Five (5) legal residents of the Town of Salisbury shall be elected trustees for the Board of the Salisbury Free Library according to the laws of the state of New Hampshire. Trustees will, under ordinary circumstances, serve for a three (3) year term on a staggered basis. Vacancies occurring prior to expiration of term will be filled by appointment of the Board of Selectmen until the next town meeting election, within two (2) months of occurrence. The Board of Trustees, with the assistance of the Librarian, will submit a list of possible candidates.

B. This Board shall be the governing body of the Salisbury Free Library and determine the policies that will govern the operation and program of the Library. A quorum for any meeting shall be three members of the Board.

C. The Board of Trustees shall elect annually (after town meeting and appointment to the Board), from their own number, a chairperson, a treasurer and a secretary. In an effort for the activities of the Board to be transparent and best serving the Board, the Library and the community as a whole, consideration should be given to rotating positions and decided upon during the annual transition of members. The board may employ a non-trustee as bookkeeper and as recorder.

1. Chairperson – The Chairperson shall preside at all meetings of the Board, appoint all committees, execute all documents authorized by the Board, authorize calls for any special meetings and other duties generally associated with the position.

2. Treasurer – The Treasurer shall keep the funds of the Library in a banking institution in the name of the Library and shall render at each regularly business meeting a report setting forth the receipts, disbursements and the balance of the funds so held. A bookkeeper may be used to track accounts, for expenditure reconciliation and for audit purposes.

3. Secretary – The Secretary shall keep a record of the proceedings of the Board and shall give all notice of meetings and other notices required. The Secretary may delegate notice duties to the Director of the Library. A recorder/note taker may be employed at the Board’s discretion for any meeting.

D. The Board shall meet regularly, with notice of the meetings posted in two public places in the Town of Salisbury 24 hours before meetings, excluding Sundays and holidays. All Board meetings are open to the public. The Board may vote to go into non-public session only for reasons permitted under NH RSA 91-A:3. The minimum number of meetings held during the year shall be six (6).

E. The Board, with the cooperation of the Librarian, shall prepare the annual budget, present the approved budget to the proper town officers and be available to answer queries and the budget hearings and the town meeting. The Board, with the Librarian, shall prepare and submit any report required by state or local laws.

F. It is the responsibility of the Board of Trustees to secure adequate funds and proper facilities in order to carry on a library program that fulfills the informational needs of the Town of Salisbury and satisfies the objectives outlined in Section I.

G. The Board shall employ a competent and qualified librarian who shall attend all Board meetings except when position, salary or performance is being discussed.

H. Trustees will be expected to attend 80% of Board meetings except under emergency circumstances. Emergency absence of a Board member will not be grounds for cancellation of a meeting.

I. Appropriated funds and income from any trust funds for library purposes shall be encumbered or expended annually.

J. Membership in the New Hampshire Library Trustees Association for all Trustees shall be provided for in the Library budget.

K. The Board may recommend to the selectmen the names of no more than three (3) persons who shall serve as alternate members on the Board when elected members are unable to attend a meeting. The alternate members shall be appointed to one-year terms.

L. Library trustees and alternate trustees are prohibited from being paid employees of the Library during their tenure, and their immediate family members cannot work as employees for the duration of the elected or alternate trustee’s tenure.

Adopted by the Salisbury Free Library Board of Trustees, January 1996.

Amended February 1999. Amended February 2013.