VIII. Volunteers

A. Adult volunteer

1. A volunteer cannot take the place of a paid worker who is already employed by the Library.
2. Volunteer work should be work that does not adversely affect the Library’s regular operations if it is not performed.
3. Examples of ongoing yet unscheduled tasks that may be performed by a volunteer include book covering, book repair, disc cleaning, shelf reading, etc.
4. Volunteer duties should be unrelated to Trustee duties and should be spelled out in a volunteer agreement.
5. A volunteer agreement that includes their volunteer duties should be on file for all volunteers. This agreement should be updated annually.


B. Youth volunteers

1. Must be at least 14 years old.
2. The Library will follow all US and NH Department of Labor Child Labor laws with regard to the hours of the day a youth volunteer is allowed to work and the total number of hours a youth volunteer is allowed to work.
3. A copy of a Youth Employment Certificate and proof of age should be kept on file for any youth volunteer.
4. A volunteer agreement will be signed by the youth, the parents and the Library Director and should be updated annually.

C. Library employees should not volunteer their time to the library that employs them.

D. Volunteers should not have access to patron records, including personal identifying information and/or circulation records.

Adopted by the Salisbury Free Library Board of Trustees, February 2013.