Who may use the Library

III. Who may use the Library

A. The Library will serve all residents (with proof of residency) of the community. Persons residing outside the geographical area but owning property, attending schools or working in the Town of Salisbury shall be treated as residents.

B. Non-residents may make use of the library and its services with appropriate registration and a $25 yearly fee.

C. Use of the Library or its services may be denied by the Librarian or the Trustees for due cause. Such cause may be failure to return materials or pay replacement costs, destruction of library property, disturbance of other patrons or any objectionable conduct on Library premises.

D. The use of the Library by the Friends of the Salisbury Free Library may be permitted at the discretion of the Librarian and/or the Trustees.

E. Information of a personal nature (e.g. house location) will not be shared unless it appears in a publicly printed source. Information seekers may be referred to the Town Office.

Special Addition to Section III: Unattended Child Policy

Children of all ages are welcome to the Salisbury Free Library. In an effort to provide a peaceful, warm and welcoming environment to library users of all ages, the Trustees of the Salisbury Free Library have adopted this policy concerning unattended children.

Children under the age of twelve (12) must be accompanied by a caregiver of at least fourteen (14) years of age who acknowledges responsibility for the child. Special instances may be discussed with the Librarian.

Caregivers are responsible for the children’s behavior while in the library. Children and young adults who are disruptive in the Library or on Library property interfere with Library service to all patrons. The Salisbury Free Library is not a daycare institution and the staff members are not babysitters. It is a public institution where all patrons have an equal right to quality service in a friendly and peaceful environment.

If a child under the age of twelve (12) is left unattended in the Library, the staff will inform the parent(s) of Library policy prohibiting this.

Children twelve (12) years of age and older are responsible for their own behavior and must follow Library rules.

Even though a telephone is available for children to call parents for rides home, parents should be aware of the Library’s opening and closing hours. Parents should make arrangements for the child(ren) to be picked up at the appropriate time. The Library staff is not responsible for children who have not been picked up by the Library’s closing time. If parents or caregivers are unreachable and any child under eighteen (18) years of age has not been picked up at closing, the Library staff will proceed to close the library.

Adopted by the Salisbury Free Library Board of Trustees, December 2003.

Amended July 2006. Amended February 2013.