Kindle Instructions

Up-to-date instructions on how to download ebooks to your Kindle can be found at the Official Blog of the New Hampshire Downloadable Books Service. Please feel free to call the library or stop by for help following any of these instructions!


Kindle 1st and 2nd generation and Kindle DX do not have Wi-Fi capability and need a USB cable to transfer. Library books cannot be transferred on Whispernet or 3G.

If you accidentally check out an ePub book or an audiobook format, it will remain on your NHDB account until the checkout expires. The library cannot correct this.

There are Help screens on the NHDB site that answer many questions about how the service works in general, as well as with specific devices.

For additional Kindle help, go to the Kindle Support page at Under Kindle Content, you’ll find a link for the Public Library Books for Kindle program.

As of February 2012, Penguin titles require users to download their e-books to a computer and then transfer the title to their Kindles via a USB cord.  Go to this link  to learn how to download using a USB cord. Kindle Fire users will have to purchase a USB cord because the Fire does not come with a cord.